Frequently Asked Question

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Can TransferDirect transfer files if your receiver machine is offline?

No, To transfer files using TransferDirect you need reciver and sender machinde both to be online.

How to start premium plan?

Its very simple. Go to TransferDirect Settings section, Select Account and you should find a section where you can add you credit card. Enter you credit card details. That is it! you are now on premium plan.

How to contact with your support?

If you run into any issue you simpl shoot a emtail to and TransferDirect. Please be specific in the email abput your issue.

Do you give any refund?

As we are a Pay As You Go service we do not offer any refunds. Please contact for any billing related issues.

How safe are my files with TransferDirect?

All the files that you tranfer are encrypted end to end, You files are never stored anywhere during the transit to you receivers computer.

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